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How To Sell & Buy Shares

If you are an existing shareholder and you would like to sell your shares or you are interested in buying more shares, or if you are interested in becoming a new shareholder in Blue Diamond Ltd, please call or email Richard Hemans, Group Finance Director and Company Secretary, on 01481 210285 or


Share Transfer Policy

The Board has approved the following policy in relation to the transfer of shares, which it will keep under regular review following feedback from shareholders and the Company Secretary:

(a) where a member of the Company (the "Proposing Transferor") wishes to transfer one or more shares in the Company (the "Transfer Shares"), the Proposing Transferor shall give a notice in writing (the "Transfer Notice") to the secretary of the Company (the "Company Secretary");

(b) a precedent Transfer Notice is available from the Company Secretary or downloaded by clicking here, for this purpose and specifies, amongst other things, the sum the Proposing Transferor fixes as the sale price per Transfer Share (the "Offer Price");

(c) the Company Secretary will distribute any Transfer Notice it receives to all the members of the Company (either by email or by post in accordance with Article 141);

(d) the Company Secretary will accept offers in respect of the Transfer Shares described in the Transfer Notice from members of the Company in accordance with Article 41; and

(e) If the total number of shares applied for exceeds the number offered, shares will be allocated in proportion to the number of shares each shareholder applies for;

(f) if no member of the Company accepts the offer for the Transfer Shares described in the Transfer Notice within 28 days of the date on which the Company Secretary first received the Transfer Notice, the Proposing Transferor shall, at any time within three calendar months thereafter, be at liberty(*) to sell and transfer the Transfer Shares (or the balance of the Transfer Shares not sold) to any person (i.e. including persons who are not members of the Company) at a price which is not less than the Offer Price, subject always to the ability of the board of directors of the Company to refuse to register a transfer of any Transfer Share to a person of whom they shall not approve as transferee.

(*) It should be noted that the Proposing Transferor's liberty includes the liberty to request assistance from the Company Secretary. The Company Secretary: (i) maintains a confidential list (the "List") of third parties who have expressed an interest in acquiring Transfer Shares (the "Third Parties"); and (ii) will consider, on a case by case basis, being appointed as the Proposing Transferor's agent for the offer of the Transfer Shares at the Offer Price to the Third Parties, subject to the List remaining confidential.

Electronic Shareholder Communication

If you would like to receive future shareholder communications by email please contact Richard Hemans, Group Finance Director and Company Secretary, on 01481 210285 or

We encourage the use of electronic shareholder communication to help us reduce costs, mitigate our impact on the environment and improve the speed of communication with our shareholders.