Try our top tips to help increase the deliverability of your offer emails

If you have noticed that you aren’t getting your emails, we can certainly provide some recommendations on what you can do to improve deliverability of our emails into your inbox. However, if our system shows that we have the correctly spelt email address and they are showing to be delivering successfully, we are restricted on what we can do from our side to allow our offer emails into your inbox because we don’t have the authorisation to do so. 

Please read on for some reasons and possible solutions...

Our Emails are potentially being regarded as 'spam':

  • Your mailbox junk settings may be directing our emails straight into your promotional or junk email folders. If you do find them here, you should be able to ‘unmark them as spam’ and going forward, they should come through to your regular inbox as normal.

Our Emails are being blocked by your Internet Service Provider (ISP):

If they are not appearing in your junk or promotional mail folders either, then there are still other options for you to increase likelihood of delivery:

  • You could add our email address to your contacts in order to validate that you are happy to allow emails to come through to your inbox.
  • Your ISP (Internet Service provider – e.g. Yahoo, Gmail, BTInternet etc.) may be using a content filter that have determined that our email exceeds their ‘might be spam’ threshold. Some ISP’s are stricter than others.  The ISP may be using a blacklist and has stopped the email coming through specifically from our email address or email platform. Like all commercial emails, there is a chance that it could be listed on a blacklist. A solution for this would be for you to email your Internet Service Provider and request that all emails coming in from should deliver direct to your inbox.
  • Another reason could be that you have chosen tight spam controls within your mail settings, perhaps to block all emails from unknown senders – you should be able to amend this within your mail settings to specifically allow our emails to come through.

If the above does not help, please do get in touch with us HERE and we will investigate further.