More than £300,000 has been given to the National Trust by Blue Diamond Garden Centres in the first year and a half of our collaboration together.


Blue Diamond and the National Trust entered into a long-term collaboration in August 2022.

Blue Diamond committed to give £1 million pounds to the National Trust over the next three years, which will be used specifically by the Trust on projects in their gardens and parklands.

This makes Blue Diamond one of the largest financial contributors to the Trust’s Plant Conservation Program.

In the first year of our collaboration, (Aug 22 to July 23 inclusive), Blue Diamond contributed £160,000 to the Trust.

Plus, an additional contribution from Blue Diamond to the Trust of £15,705, from the proceeds of an auction of saplings, direct descendants of Newton’s apple tree.

In the second year of the collaboration, (Aug 22 to July 24 inclusive), Blue Diamond has already contributed £175,000 to the Trust.

These financial contributions are helping the conservation charity fund important plant conservation and garden projects at properties such as: 


Woolsthorpe Manor

Woolsthorpe Manor

Woolsthorpe Manor, in Lincolnshire is Sir Isaac Newton’s family home and in September 2023, we auctioned 10 saplings propagated from the apple tree that inspired his theory of gravity.

The auction raised over £30,000, of which Blue Diamond donated £15,705 to the Trust to support the ongoing care of Woolsthorpe Manor. An additional £15,000 from Blue Diamond’s first year contributions to the Trust, has also been earmarked to go to Woolsthorpe.

The money will be spent on new fencing to protect this historically significant tree.

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Image credit: ©National Trust Images/Mike Selby

Croft Castle

Croft Castle

Croft Castle and Parkland, in Herefordshire, covers an area of 600 hectares and is renowned for its ancient, veteran and noble trees. Sweet Chestnuts are plentiful, particularly in the Spanish Chestnut Avenue. Hornbeam, Hawthorn, Beech, Yew and ancient oaks can also be found on the estate.

Such is the concentration of ancient trees, that this collection is of significance far beyond the British Isles - few other countries possess such large concentrations.

Given the importance of the woodland, maintaining it is an ongoing task.  £30,000 given to the Trust by Blue Diamond will be used to support work such as re-establishing native trees in the parkland, reinstating the lost Oak Avenue and ensuring the health and longevity of trees, such as those in the Spanish Chestnut Avenue. 

Image Credit: ©National Trust Images/James Dobson

Mottisfont Abbey


Mottisfont, in Hampshire, is best known for its world-famous collection of roses, including the National Collection of pre 1900 old-fashioned roses.

In the Summer of 2023, we launched Rosa 'Mottisfont', on behalf of the National Trust - bred by Rosen Tantau and named after Mottisfont, with ten percent of sale proceeds from this rose were donated to the Trust.

Money from Blue Diamond will be used to fund essential repair and maintenance work of the wall that surrounds the famous rose garden.

Image Credit: ©National Trust Images/Robert Morris

Exclusive bulb launches

In the first year of the collaboration, Blue Diamond named and launched three exclusive bulbs.

Daffodil, 'National Trust Joy’

Daffodil, 'National Trust Joy’

The world-famous landscape garden at Stourhead, features a magnificent lake reflecting classical temples, mystical grottoes, and rare and exotic trees, which exist side by side with a Grade I listed 18th-century Neo-Palladian mansion.

In autumn 2023, we launched a new and exclusive Daffodil for the National Trust, called ‘National Trust Joy’. 5000 National Trust Joy bulbs were donated to Stourhead, and were planted by a team of volunteers in and around the visitor centre and carpark.

Daffodil, ‘Wordsworth Golden’

Daffodil, ‘Wordsworth Golden’

We also named and launched another new and exclusive Daffodil ‘Wordsworth Golden’, in honour for Wordsworth’s House in Cumbria, also cared for by the National Trust. Spring visitors will see hundreds of these daffodils blooming, which were donated by us.

Tulip, ‘Dyrham Park’

Tulip, ‘Dyrham Park’

Tulip ‘Dyrham Park’ was also named and launched by Blue Diamond on behalf of the National Trust. Named after the Baroque country house in South Gloucestershire, hundreds have been planted in the Parterre.

Dyrham Park is a 17th century baroque garden in South Gloucestershire designed to impress the Dutch royalty, William and Mary. The Dutch design is synonymous with tulips and every year  tens of thousands of tulips are displayed in honour of the history of the place. Tulipa ‘Dyrham Park’ connects with the lily leaved lamp brackets in the Gilt Leather parlour, a significant room in the house. The neutral colour reflects the white from the Delftware collection and combined with blue Camassia bulbs in the garden, it really complements the spirit of Dyrham Park.

Through sales generated from the National Trust Collection by Blue Diamond, a minimum of 10% of the retail sales price per product will be given to the National Trust to help look after nature, beauty and history for everyone, for ever.