Nature friendly gardening is about making a haven for you, as well as for wildlife.
A space dedicated to growing plants that will attract a diverse range of birds, insects, and mammals.
It does not have to be a large space; a single plant pot or window box is enough.

Wildlife Friendly Gardening Video

Watch Charlotte, a member of our team from East Bridgford Garden & Home talk about what you should think about when creating your wildlife friendly garden.


The Soil Association

Protecting our natural world – and the wildlife that calls it home – sits at the heart of the work carried out by our charity partner, the Soil Association. They work with farmers, schools and policy-makers, to research and promote the changes needed for a nature-friendly future. We can all do our bit to help, and the Soil Association have pulled together their top tips for creating a wildlife haven in your garden.

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Organic – better for wildlife

The things you do to support nature in your garden – from planting pollinator-friendly plants to reducing your use of chemicals – are the very same things being done at a larger scale by organic farmers across the UK. By working hard to reduce their impact on nature, organic farms – like those who work with the Soil Association – are havens for wildlife, with around 50% more bees and butterflies!

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Soil Association Gardening Hub

Growing at home is easier than you might think. When you grow organically, you know where your food has come from. Plus you’re making a positive impact on the planet and wildlife too!