Plant Area Plastic Policy

Blue Diamond Group of Garden Centres, Plant Department, Retail Environmental Policy Statement on Plastic and Expanded Polystyrene Use.

Blue Diamond Group of Garden Centres (Blue Diamond) recognises that waste plastic is a huge environmental issue, not least due to the negative impact on the marine environment.

Blue Diamond is therefore committed to minimising its use of plant pot plastics, reducing the environmental impact of waste plant pot plastics and to beating the national target of eliminating avoidable plastic waste before the end of 2042.

In order to achieve these commitments Blue Diamond Plant Department has implemented the following environmental policy; -

1. Blue Diamond is working in partnership with the horticultural industry and its suppliers to reduce and eliminate harmful plant pot plastics.

2. Already the majority of plant pot plastic which is stocked in the Plant Departments within Blue Diamond is made of recycled plastic and can be recycled.

3. Blue Diamond is, however, working with all its horticultural suppliers towards ensuring that only a combination of kerbside recyclable and recycled material is used in the production, packaging and sale of plants. This material will be carbon pigment-free and kerbside recyclable.

4. Blue Diamond aims to eliminate the use of non-recycled/non-kerbside recyclable plant pot plastic within its centres by the end of 2023.  Currently, around 95% of all our plants are grown in recycled plant pots.

5. Blue Diamond has now ended the use of expandable polystyrene in its plant products.

6. Blue Diamond undertakes regular audits of its suppliers to ensure suppliers are doing all they can to eliminate the use of non-recyclable plant pot plastics and expanded polystyrene to ensure these materials are eradicated from Blue Diamond’s plant products.

7. Blue Diamond is working with plant suppliers to encourage the use of recycled water in the production of their plant products and to use Biomass fuels and/or other renewable energy sources for the heating of glass houses. The majority of plant suppliers have been doing this already for a number of years.

8. Blue Diamond is aiming to be at the forefront of the development of new packaging that reduces the use of plant pot plastic altogether.