We serve hundreds of thousands of cups of coffee every year across our restaurants and cafes in our Blue Diamond Centres.
Unsurprisingly, we take our coffee very seriously. So much so that we selected a small boutique coffee roasting company called Beanworks, ten years ago as our coffee supplier, who’ve grown with us over the past decade.

Sourcing our beans...

We don’t cut corners nor compromise when it comes to coffee and subsequently, we only ever served 100% arabica coffee at Blue Diamond.

Beanworks source our coffee from South and Central America and in doing so they regularly visit coffee farms and plantations across countries like Brazil and Colombia, meeting the amazing coffee farmers in breath-taking locations understanding and seeing first hand the skill and craft involved in growing and harvesting their coffee.

But that’s only part of the job to ensure we serve amazing coffee.


Taste, develop, tweak...

Next Beanworks taste, develop and tweak our coffee blend and once happy with their blends they ensure that these coffee beans are roasted consistently time after time for us.

Once roasted, then they are packed and sent to our cafes and restaurants for us to do our bit.

Beanworks train our baristas so that they can handcraft each and every cappuccino, latte, Americano and of course our increasingly popular flat white. 


Developing the Barista...

And when it comes to barista skills we don’t sit on our laurels either – Beanworks run a nationwide Blue Diamond Barista of the year contest in which every one of our amazing Baristas can enter to test their skills against each other.

They are judged on the quality of drinks served and the speed at which they can make them. 

Who knew there was so much that goes into ensuring every cup of coffee we serve you is as good as it can be?