Blue Diamond has increased its portfolio of National Trust inspired flowering spring bulbs by working closely with the Trust and their gardeners. The resulting range reflects the beauty of the Trust’s gardens and the tried and tested secrets of its gardening experts. New to the range is a naturalising collection of spring flowering bulbs which includes daffodils, crocus and tulips – ‘naturalising’, refers to the informal planting of bulbs and other plants in grass as opposed to in borders.

Through sales generated from the National Trust Collection by Blue Diamond, a minimum of 10% of the retail sales price per product will be given to the National Trust to help look after nature, beauty and history for everyone, forever. 

The NEW & EXCLUSIVE Spring Bulb Collection

This season’s spring flowering bulbs have been inspired by National Trust gardens including Dyrham Park and by inspirational figures involved with the National Trust, including the Co-founder of the National Trust, Octavia Hill and the famous poet Wordsworth who lived at Wordsworth House.

The spring range also includes colour themed bulb collections inspired by the gardens at Sissinghurst, Osterley Park, Polesden Lacey, Fenton House and Belton House.

Tulip ‘Dyrham Park’

Tulip ‘Dyrham Park’

Dyrham Park is 17th century Baroque garden in South Gloucestershire. The House and Gardens were designed to impress Dutch royalty and because of this Dyrham Park is synonymous with tulips. Every year Dyrham Park display tens of thousands of tulips in honour of its history.

This season’s spring flowering tulip bulbs include a new introduction called Tulip ‘Dyrham Park’. The graceful shape is inspired by the lily leaved lamp brackets in the Gilt Leather Parlour at Dyrham Park , a significant room in the house and the white petals reflects the white from the Delftware pottery collection.

Lily flowering tulips, which bloom in April and May, are a particular favourite of the Head Gardener at Dyrham Park.

'Lily flowering tulips are renowned for their elegant curves, Pointed petals and a definite waist'

Piers Horry, Garden and Outdoor Manager Dyrham Park

Daffodil 'National Trust Joy'

Daffodil 'National Trust Joy'

In honour of the National Trust, specifically to recognise Octavia Hill, the Co-founder of the Trust in 1895, we are proud to introduce Daffodil ‘National Trust Joy’.

A robust, large cupped scented variety with a contrasting bright orange centre. It takes its inspiration from the abundant joy Octavia’s inspirational work, in founding the National Trust, has brought to generations of garden lovers over the past 128 years.

Available in packs of 10, ready to plant in the autumn for flowers the following April.

'I think we want four things, places to sit in, places to play in, places to stroll in and places to spend the day in'

Octavia Hill Co-founder of the National Trust in 1895

Daffodil 'Wordsworth Golden'

Daffodil 'Wordsworth Golden'

Romantic poet William Wordsworth was born in the Cumbrian town of Cockermouth, over 250 years ago. Wordsworth is synonymous with daffodils and in honour of his famous poem’ The Daffodils’, we have introduced Daffodil ‘Wordsworth Golden’. Available in a pack of 10, this variety is ideal for naturalising- ‘naturalising’, refers to the informal planting of bulbs and other plants in grass as opposed to borders.

The inspiration for the poem came from a walk Wordsworth took around Glencoyne Bay, Ullswater, in the Lake District. Wordsworth was taken by the beauty of a daffodils which had naturalised along the banks of the lake. With this particular variety you too will have a growing expanse of golden-shaped blooms and a steady supply of flowers each year.  

Available in a pack of 10, this variety is ideal for naturalising which refers to the informal planting of bulbs and other plants in grass as opposed to planting in borders.

I wandered lonely as a cloud That floats on high o'er vales and hills, When all at once I saw a crowd, A host, of golden daffodils;

William Wordsworth 1804

The Sissinghurst Bulb Collection

The Sissinghurst Bulb Collection

This collection takes inspiration from the Spring Gardens at Sissinghurst Castle, Kent. Each pack contains a selection of 50 spring flowering bulbs, inspired by the famous white border in the gardens.

The bulbs have been chosen to complement each other in terms of style, colour and height and the 6 varieties included in this pack consist of tulips, allium, muscari, crocus and narcissus. The pack contains bulbs with varying flowering times and this will bring a succession of colour from March through to May. As at Sissinghurst, this collection uses shape, texture and form to create interest and drama. White flowers are also fabulous for lighting up a spring garden and for creating contrast with other colours.

What I try and do when using spring bulbs is to have enough of the given flower to provide a display, but not too many so that you haven’t got room to have a succession.

Troy Smith, Head Gardener, Sissinghurst

The Osterley Bulb Collection

The Osterley Bulb Collection

This collection takes inspiration from the Tudor Walled Garden at Osterley Park, London and in particular the display of colourful spring bulbs which are planted each year in beautiful old terracotta pots.

Each pack contains 50 purple, spring flowering bulbs consisting of 6 harmonious varieties of tulips, muscari, crocus and allium bulbs, for a beautiful, purple spring display. The pack contains bulbs with varying flowering times bringing months of continuous colour from March through to May. Each variety has been chosen to complement each other in terms of style, shade and height.

During spring the walled garden at Osterley Park is overflowing with colourful spring bulbs and regal purple is one of the best-loved colours in this historic garden. With the Osterley Bulb Collection, you can create and enjoy a rich, deep carpet of colour in your own garden.

Here at Osterley Park, we grow spring bulbs in the Tudor Walled Garden and in our restored 18th century ladies garden known as Mrs Child’s Flower Garden. The focal point of this feature is the restored 18thC century Garden House designed by Robert Adam where we display plants that we know were grown at Osterley for display when the family was in residence. We grow all our bulbs in warm, brown terracotta pots to best show off their glorious range of colours.

Andy Eddy Head Gardener, Osterley Park

The Belton House Bulb Collection

The Belton House Bulb Collection

This collection takes inspiration from the Spring Pleasure Gardens at Belton House, Lincolnshire.

Each pack contains 50 pink spring flowering bulbs consisting of 6 varieties of tulips, narcissus, allium and chionodoxa bulbs for a delicate pink, spring garden. The varieties have all been inspired by the gardens at Belton House and will complement each other in terms of style, tone and height, bringing colour from March through to May.

In spring there is an abundance of flowers at Belton House, a rainbow of delightful colours returns to the gardens and pink flowering bulbs are a favourite choice. Why not welcome spring into your garden with this pretty pink collection!

Spring bulbs provide an elegant display to brighten up any garden. They’re easy to plant and look after, as once planted there’s not a lot you need to do but wait to enjoy their show.

Abi Pickersgill, Head Gardener, Belton House


Ready to Plant, inspired by gardens of the National Trust

Planting bulbs needn’t be complicated. These cleverly designed recyclable cardboard trays are completely bio-degradable and are pre-filled with bulbs at the correct spacing. Simply pop the entire tray into a planting hole in the ground or in a container, such as a large pot, cover with peat free compost and water in.

Each tray is oval in shape and two sizes are available which are 37cm and 24cm in diameter.

Choose from a 'Ready to plant' available in 4 stunning colour combinations from peaceful blues and whites to vibrant purples and reds inspired by Sissinghurst Gardens, Polesdon Lacey, Belton House and Fenton House.

Spring bulbs offer a wonderful succession of colour in the garden. At the first sign of the crocuses in late winter my spirits start to lift as I know spring is around the corner.

Laura Levac Senior Gardener, Fenton House