For 90 years, Mr. Christmas has been an industry leader in creating innovative mechanical and musical decorations.
They design each piece in great detail, so the product remains a special part of your Christmas Season for years to come.
The latest technology is incorporated into timeless designs to create magical items that make memorable and treasured gifts.
A multi-generational family-owned business from the United States, Mr Christmas delight in creating Holiday traditions in homes all over the world.
Since 1933, we have been proud and honored to be part of yours.

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Mr. Christmas are known for animated, musical, and illuminated holiday designs. Since inception, the Hermanson family has led the vision behind the brand focusing on timeless, high-quality pieces that can be passed down from generation to generation.

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Today, Merril Hermanson's legacy is honored by his granddaughters Leslie and Merril leading the Mr. Christmas team

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90 Years of Holiday Magic

90 Years of Holiday Magic

Our Founder

Mr. Christmas was founded by Merril Hermanson in 1933. The company began with Merril designing Christmas window displays for local businesses and selling tinsel from the bed of his truck. The brand expanded from there into a complete collection of seasonal decorations for the home. Merril incorporated the magic you would only see in professional holiday displays into products that made their way into homes all over the world.

Our Family

Today Merril Hermanson's legacy is honored by his granddaughters Leslie and Merril leading the Mr. Christmas team. Leslie and Merril worked for many years under their Grandfather and Father, Terry, learning every aspect of the business. With their unmatched creativity and consumer-focused mindset, they are both directly responsible for the amazing products you see year after year. Leslie and Merril are driven to continue Mr. Christmas's mission of spreading Christmas cheer for many more years to come.


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