Native plants are those that arrived in the UK without being brought into the country by man and have thrived in the UK for many years. They support a wide variety of wildlife and as they have been here for so long, they are robust and so need very little very in the form of watering, fertilising and protecting against pests.

Native Shrubs and Trees

Some native trees, such as English oak, are too big for the average garden, but other native trees and shrubs are ideal for smaller spaces.

We recommend:


These all provide shelter and food for a wide array of insects.  You could also use flowering trees or shrubs such as Prunus, Malus, and Chaenomeles.

Berried trees such as Sorbus and Crab Apple are also excellent food sources for birds.


A hedge is a good alternative to a fence. A mixed native hedge provides nectar and pollen, berries and nuts, caterpillar food plants, and shelter for nesting birds. Good hedging plants include Beech, Hazel, Dogwood, and Hawthorn. Holly is also great for winter shelter.

Ribes; Blackberries and Redcurrants can provide food for small mammals.