November Hints & Tips

Dear Gardeners,

  • When the weather is nice, it’s a great time to be planting trees, shrubs and herbaceous plants.
  • Empty your compost bin onto the vegetable patch and dig in, ready for refilling with the autumn leaves.
  • It’s still time to be planting bulbs for a fantastic splash of colour in the spring!
  • Now that your central heating will be on more, keep an eye on watering your houseplants as they will dry out a lot faster.
  • Reduce the frequency of lawn mowings and set the blade a little higher. There is still time to feed the lawn in the Southern half of the country!
  • Now is the time to start planting bare root roses which can be planted any time between now and March. Visit your nearest Blue Diamond Garden Centre to discover our exclusive brand of stunning Fryer’s Roses!
  • Now that the leaves are falling, it’s worthwhile gathering them up around the bases of rose bushes which have suffered from blackspot this summer – this reduces the chance of infection next year.

Until next month, happy gardening!

The Diamond Garden Doctor